Fiber types

Many different fiber shapes and materials have been developed since the 1970s.

Many different fiber shapes and materials have been developed since the 1970s. Steel fibers differ in their production methods, materials and shape, as well as in their mechanical properties such as anchoring and tensile strength. Cold-drawn wire, metal-sheet cut and milled fibers are mainly used.

BT-HE75 / 50 – HE type steel fiber for casting industrial floors and foundations. Used in concrete structures to replace or reduce traditional reinforcement. Length 50 mm, diameter 0.75 mm and tensile strength 1200MPa

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ArmoTeс® – high-performance structural macro fibers optimized for road surfaces, industrial floors, prefabricated items and shotcrete

ArmoTeс® is a synthetic macro fiber made of extra strong polymer, developed for concrete reinforcement. Polymer reinforcing macro fibers are particularly suitable for replacing welded wire fittings and usually used metal fibers in concrete environments where high chemical and corrosion resistance are required.

Additional reinforcement of concrete, due to the homogeneous distribution of a huge amount of ArmoTec® macro fibers throughout the concrete matrix, controls the process of cracking and provides concrete with further reinforcement.

Concrete reinforced with ArmoTec® macro fibers has three-dimensional reinforcement with increased bending strength, shock resistance and surface abrasive hardness. ArmoTec® macro fibers will minimize cracking during shrinkage of concrete. Thanks to the special corrugated surface of the macro fibers, they provide excellent adhesion to concrete, increasing their effectiveness especially in shotcrete.

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BarChip MQ58 New generation of macrofibers for pouring load-bearing concrete floors.

BarChip MQ58 from Elasto Plastic Concrete is a high performance structural synthetic fibre concrete reinforcement, optimised for pavements and industrial floors. The unique composition of BarChip MQ58 enables a perfect, fibre free finish on your concrete works.

Work with EPC and together we’ll unlock the full potential of your concrete mix.

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