Armix fiber concrete solutions

ARMIX® concrete is a special fibrous concrete used in the casting of strip and slab foundations and intermediate ceilings in buildings.
Depending on the loads acting on the foundation, the dimensions of the structure and the load-bearing capacity of the soil, special classes ARMIX® 1,2,3,4,5,6 have been developed mainly for the construction of private houses.
For heavier loads, such as when pouring slab foundations for apartment buildings and public buildings, Armix Extra fiber concrete is used.
Armix SLB special concrete has been developed for pouring partitions.

Armix 1 – 6 fiber concrete for pouring strip foundations and slab foundations (mainly private houses, smaller multi-storey buildings, public buildings). The exact specification of Armix concrete can be found in the load-bearing capacity calculation. Fiber reinforcement is added to Armix concrete already in the concrete plant, so the number of reinforcement errors on site is minimal. The amount of work related to standard fittings is negligible. Armix concrete is suitable for use in slab foundations using expanded polystyrene L-Blocks. In the case of a strip foundation, Armix concrete is installed on a compacted gravel base and there is a high probability that there is no need for rigid and longitudinal reinforcement of conventional reinforcement. It is advisable to ask our specialists for the exact type of Armix.

Armix EXTRA – special fiber concrete for heavy-duty casting of both foundation and pile foundations. Armix EXTRA is a fiber concrete with a particularly high residual tensile strength, which allows stress to be redistributed and is therefore suitable for use under heavy loads. It is practically self-compacting fiber concrete, the exact need for fiber reinforcement of which is revealed in a separate calculation for each object. For more optimal results, it is possible to combine Armix Extra fiber concrete with conventional reinforcement.

Armix SLB – special fiber concrete for pouring false ceilings. The ARMIX SLB fiber-reinforced concrete suspended ceiling solution is combined with APC safety bars, the number of which is negligible compared to conventional reinforcement. It is practically self-compacting fiber concrete, the exact need for fiber reinforcement and APC rods becomes clear from the calculation for each object. In practice, Armix SLB has brought the greatest success: in cramped conditions, on objects with a tight schedule, in renovation works, in the casting of intricately shaped ceilings, and also in the construction of private houses.

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